PP Construction Board Extrusion Line

PP Construction Board Extrusion Line, can add straw, corn cob, wheat pole, sawdust and other powder, mixed in PP raw materials through,special process to produce a variety of new construction template for construction site needs.

PP Construction Board Extrusion Line

This pp construction board extrusion line consists of two single screw extruder, hydraulic net changer, mould, setting machine, primary haul-off machine,annealing furnace, cooling box, secondary haul-off machine, cross cutting machine and conveyor.

From that point of view, Qingdao Sunshine Machinery would like to offer the production of formworks for any kind of concrete works. PP construction board can substitute the usual metal formworks that are used for a long time. PP construction board durability exceeds normal wood and metal formworks. And the noticeable side of the pp construction board is these formworks can be wholly recycled.

Nowadays in the whole world, a lot of constructions take place. And it is not difficult to imagine how massive money margin is flowing throughout these constructions. In order to find your niche in the construction business, you will do either construction service or supply materials. For construction service, it is obvious you need to hire high qualified professionals, which is not easy. And for the new company, it is hard to find subcontracts or contracts in the modern competitive construction market. Hence, construction material supply will be your chance for finding your niche in the massive construction business.

As pp construction board extrusion line manufacturer, Qingdao Sunshine Machinery Co LTD, supplies construction board for producing 915 mm/1220 mm/2440 mm wide PP hollow construction formwork.

PP Construction Board Machine Components

SJ-120 single screw extruder–1 set

SJ-90 single screw extruder–1 set

Hydraulic quick-change screen–2 set

Metering pumps–2 set

Dispensers–1 set

Hollow construction board molds–1 set

Cooling calibration platform–1 set

Cooling brackets and trimming devices–1 set

Haul-off machine–1 set

Cutting machine–1 set

Stacking rack–1 set

30P chiller–1 set

Vertical drying mixer–1 set

Electrical control system–1 set

Display of Finished Products Produced by PP Construction Board Machine

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